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How to kill Americans - worldaffairs - 12-25-2020

How to kill Americans

Pretty easy...

Introduce a pandemic like COVID-19 and let the American mentality do the rest.

Americans are generally naïve, ignorant, self-centred and stupid and believe in things like the rights bestowed upon them by their forefathers (give weapons to all the citizens so they can murder each other in mass-shootings).
On top of that, the governance of the nation is crippled. Not one entity/power has jurisdiction over the whole country and all the States have their own say in how to combat a dire situation. The American government is fractured beyond repair and over-powered by more stupid people.

America is truly a third-world country where "democracy" has taken a really wrong turn and moulded the term "democracy" to suite their own selfish needs.

The current COVID-19 worldwide figures speak for themselves...
The president brushes aside COVID-19 response to play golf and is a typical and expected American thing isn't it?

What grinds me is that the vast majority of Americans don’t give a fuck about the current situation and continue to blatantly flaunt common sense and place the rest in danger.

Have a look at the current COVID-19 figures and you will note that all the Third World countries are in the top 10 with America leading the race in utter stupidity.

So, yes, it's easy to kill Americans. Take advantage of American's stupidity and let nature do the rest.